Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fight for our freedoms

I am tired of liberals especially Obama bringing up gun control!! They are fueling the fire creating violence trying to justify gun control. It isn't the gun, it is the person's mind set so bent on killing they can use anything. They take guns away, then what next? Knives,ball bats,pressure cookers,homemade bombs etc. It isn't the weapon that kills, it is the human behind it operating it. The government wants to disarm us like Hitler did in Germany. To take total control and set up martial law. Wake up people and see what the government is doing!! Getting us to fight each other kill each other. They want lawless society. We need to band together in numbers and strength. We the people of all colors creeds and so on are being played for fools! If we do not stand up and take back America, we are going to be prisoners of America! Either we fight back for our freedoms or go in tyranny !! Let us all come together and fight this evil! There are strengths in numbers so everyone band together and FIGHT FIGHT for our FREEDOMS!! They want to exterminate all who threatens their power like Hitler. We need to fight for our independence!! Our rights or freedoms! Do not sit back vote for trump stand up and rise one and all because we all will fall into tyranny if Hillary wins. Will not go quietly into the night, we will rise and take back our country, freedoms and rights and throw the Hitlers into the pit of Hell!!